When The Bad Guy Is Actually Talented

This is the greatest villain arc of All Time
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  1. ᗩᑎᑌᗷᏆᔑ𓂀


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  2. Venser


    31 minutt siden

    I can only rush B

  3. Alec Hardcastle

    Alec Hardcastle

    32 minutter siden

    Can arrogance be called arrogance if it is backed up by the talent necessary?

  4. Donovan Muse

    Donovan Muse

    35 minutter siden

    Fanchen: **spits in the face of Death** Death: “understandable”

  5. Ranjan Biswas

    Ranjan Biswas

    51 minutt siden

    Fanchen is like Lech Szymanowski from Forest of Piano anime but actually good at playing Piano(boom rosted).

  6. SerialCrow


    Time siden

    They shouldn’t still insult the person. It’s fine for a person to celebrate progress, if you’re doing something impressive and someone is better it doesn’t mean you should be discouraged, you should still celebrate what you did and be proud of how far you’ve made it so far.

  7. Dr. Dile

    Dr. Dile

    Time siden

    This needs to get a manga and an anime adaptation ASAP

  8. Wheatley has a Vector

    Wheatley has a Vector

    Time siden

    What a chad

  9. Baron Of Cool

    Baron Of Cool

    Time siden

    Why do I find this funny?

  10. Elevated3


    2 timer siden

    If he wasn't an asshole then we wouldn't have another good Charlie video.

  11. Rogue Floppers

    Rogue Floppers

    2 timer siden

    I mean, Frenchen's video is clearly sped up too

  12. Watzisname


    2 timer siden

    What a legend

  13. Goose Ruthenium

    Goose Ruthenium

    2 timer siden

    I don't think this was that anomalous. Piano videos attract pianists. Some of these pianists will be skilled. Some of these skilled pianists will be elitist. And then you get situations like this where expert players lurk in the shadows waiting for their chance to strike. It's the same as when someone encounters a pool hustler at a bar.

  14. ACE


    2 timer siden

    My boy was just Smurfing

  15. Mos._tavren


    2 timer siden

    When the anime villain has more plot armor

  16. Piggyy G

    Piggyy G

    2 timer siden

    That's exactly how I feel about Leffen with SSBM and other fighting games lol

  17. Jalex R

    Jalex R

    3 timer siden

    You look like jesus

  18. pws3rd 1

    pws3rd 1

    3 timer siden

    Dude is like the foil to Muhammad Ali, but still a winner at the end of the day

  19. empyrionin


    3 timer siden

    People have the crazy outlandish idea that arrogance is bad, period. It's not, if you have stuff to back it up with. What's wrong with being the greatest entrepreneur, or singer, or physicist, and being arrogant about it? Who exactly are you harming? What's the crime? Who is the victim? All the other people's ego? Gimme a fucking break. Git good and stop looking at the world as if it owes you stuff cuz you REEE. Grow up. Maybe when you get really good at something and watch all the other crappy dollheads exhibit unfounded Dunning-Kruger confidence, you'll understand. Cuz the world doesn't care, and they get ahead anyway cuz they yell harder. See how hive-minded you feel about arrogance then.

  20. Sumit Shrivastava

    Sumit Shrivastava

    4 timer siden

    I like the fact that the war ended in Charlie's comment section. Props to everyone. Any publicity is good publicity I suppose.

  21. MrCookie


    4 timer siden

    Fanchen is the good guy here. He only gave his opinion. The world isn't about being wholesome h24. People have the right to criticize and/or give their opinion. What matters is how you react to it and the reaction people gave him is childish. The first time I heard the first cover, I thought too that is wasn't as great as people made it look like

  22. Khan Bhai

    Khan Bhai

    4 timer siden

    He is like bakugo from my hero academia. He is jerk but very talented, powerful and with exceptional capabilities

  23. F


    4 timer siden

    “who's the main character now?" *laugh in evil tone*

  24. Evander


    4 timer siden

    In his humiliation Hentai seeks out the poster of the original video and begins learning the piano from him. Entering small competitions around the city, barely scraping out small victories his skills begin to build. Competition gets tougher and tougher but Hentai does not give up. His victories become more significant until finally he finds himself on the world stage up against the man himself, Fanchen. Find out what happens in the series finale. Hentai vs Fanchen piano duel for the fate of the universe.



    4 timer siden

    I wanna go out n say the simplified version is hella simpler, I've played more complex actual peices and not rewrites, no one is disputing the songs impossible but the first guy got so much closer to actually hitting all the notes from the original.

  26. notsomeoneyouknow


    4 timer siden

    I don’t think Fanchen was the bad guy here… It probably was just meant to be a joke at first but then he got challenged so… 🤷‍♀️

  27. __ Honeyslime

    __ Honeyslime

    5 timer siden

    it was mediocre that, lots of wrong notes

  28. Fernando Carvalho

    Fernando Carvalho

    5 timer siden

    If you can play Touhou you can play this

  29. Blandi Blue

    Blandi Blue

    5 timer siden

    Very soft skin in my opinion.

  30. A1M3M Entertains

    A1M3M Entertains

    5 timer siden

    Idk how anyone could dislike penguinz0 videos when all he speaks is facts

  31. KakuWave \ Ocean

    KakuWave \ Ocean

    5 timer siden

    He's not the bad guy. He's the main protagonist and just introduced itself in the most badass way

    • kolim jone

      kolim jone

      5 timer siden

      I'm in now way defending his behaviour or saying everyone should act like that, I'm just pointing out that this kind of negativity if used correctly can generate a lot of attention.

  32. cursed man

    cursed man

    5 timer siden

    Fench is still sucks

  33. Strugle


    6 timer siden

    This is wholesome comparing to argument which lead to stranger leaking someones adress.

  34. Vemoparker


    6 timer siden

    We have got The Paper Mario War 2: Piano War

  35. English Rain

    English Rain

    7 timer siden

    Who else tapped because the comments looked tiny?

  36. Uwu Uwe

    Uwu Uwe

    7 timer siden

    A fucking legend.

  37. chillz


    7 timer siden

    Getting humiliated like this is crazy as shit

  38. Sakuraah


    7 timer siden

    I really don't get what about this whole thing wasn't properly civilized? I didn't see any insults or anything, neither of them were particularly aggressive, and sure, both of them got oddly invested in the argument... but it seemed to me that neither of them were particularly upset or angry about it, so it seemed like the whole thing was just those two having a bit of fun or smth? Anyway, as far as disagreements on the internet go, this was pretty tame... An amusing story though!

  39. No


    7 timer siden

    I would of just said on his video what he said to start this

  40. Hådi


    8 timer siden

    It's called a Rhetorical statement charlie 😂

  41. Pseudonym


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  42. CHOBAN


    8 timer siden

    Plot twist: That wasnt the real Fanchen playing, it was a robot replica of him he constructed to play Rush E

  43. aidan lightfoot

    aidan lightfoot

    8 timer siden

    Some dude plays it properly… The TVA show up your coming with us you variant

  44. Sven Jaenisch

    Sven Jaenisch

    8 timer siden

    To be fair had he not acted like that his comment probably would not have gained that much traction hence no one would have challenged him to upload his own better version. I'm in now way defending his behaviour or saying everyone should act like that, I'm just pointing out that this kind of negativity if used correctly can generate a lot of attention.

  45. V H

    V H

    8 timer siden

    Is the Fanchen video sped up? Is that legal

  46. PJ V

    PJ V

    8 timer siden

    Positive experiences and negative experiences are overrated

  47. ArkenLegend


    9 timer siden

    Both the hentai guy and Fanchen are here in this comment section. Wth😂. Just check the top comment and it's reply

  48. A P

    A P

    9 timer siden

    I don't see him as a bad guy tbh. He just said it was mediocre and he backed up that claim by doing better to prove the difference in quality. Yes it felt a little elitist and blunt but he proved his point.

  49. usudnik


    9 timer siden

    I think that we should all agree that “I’d like to see you try” criticisms are stupid in every case. You don’t have to be good at a thing to recognize when something isn’t up to a certain standard. Of course the guy’s refusal to elaborate why was the original rendition mediocre was a bit douchey but the Hentai dude should have just asked him to elaborate rather than resort to a childish response. I guess he got what he wanted in the end.

  50. Painis Cupcake

    Painis Cupcake

    10 timer siden

    I can respect a man who can back up his arrogance

  51. CheekiZeeki


    10 timer siden

    How is fenchen a douche? he just good and voiced how someone who isnt as good as mediocre, Which his sounded a bit sloppy, impressive and way better than me (i cant play) but still he could have done better. Fenchen was just good and confident

  52. The Tophatchicken

    The Tophatchicken

    10 timer siden

    The Vegeta of piano players

  53. Ellie


    10 timer siden

    I like his confidence, can't believe he actually proved JAGWLH wrong

  54. Ethan ##*#*##*

    Ethan ##*#*##*

    11 timer siden

    Those “impossible songs” are called black midis

  55. Snooowy


    11 timer siden

    Ngl, fanchen's one is kinda mediocre, no offence.

  56. A. K.

    A. K.

    11 timer siden

    Honestly I don't think Fanchen is rude though? And this comes from me who is timid most of the time. He actually expressed his opinion civilly. He didn't even call it bad, just saying it kind of mediocre and personally, I don't think mediocre is a negative response. That just means it's ordinary. People seem to equate not giving compliment = bad person...

  57. Neku


    11 timer siden

    Hard disagree with charlie. Dude is a douche is the only reason I would watch his performance. I don't give a shit about piano.

  58. Road To 200k-1 Video

    Road To 200k-1 Video

    11 timer siden

    The start of a journey for me.

  59. Didi Book

    Didi Book

    11 timer siden

    Fanchen: You're a third rate pianist with a fourth rate piano.

  60. yaldram muqadis

    yaldram muqadis

    12 timer siden

    Scott Joplin

  61. RoflWaffer


    12 timer siden

    I'm an extremely mediocre (at best) piano player but I would agree with Fanchen's assessment. I mean, he's still a dick for putting it so bluntly but the original video was very sloppy, basically just full of minor errors like slightly off timings and incorrect notes. With a piece that's bashing out a ton of notes very quickly, it's really noticeable when those kind of errors are so frequent, and creates an overall "messy" feel to the music. Normally, I would actually classify this type performance as outright "bad" or "way too early to perform for people." But due to the fact that it's a literally impossible piece that needed to be rearranged, it gets ticked up to mediocre for the effort. I know this very well because I remember sounding exactly the same many times in the past when I didn't practice as much as I should have, sweating bullets as I play trying to hide my lack of practice from my teacher. But he knew. We all knew. Though my teacher was a softie and often let it slide, I probably could have benefited from having more people like Fanchen to kick my ass into gear.

  62. Cayden Gygi

    Cayden Gygi

    13 timer siden

    he good, he got no drip tho

  63. George McClooney

    George McClooney

    13 timer siden

    Literally the only two subjective lines in the video are 8:52 and 9:19. Everything else was presented as objecitve, as if it were undisputed than Fanchen was a jerk and had a crappy attitude. C'mon, Charlie. I thought you were better than this.

  64. ZuluActual


    14 timer siden

    Props to "Just a guy who likes Hentai" for being the catalyst on invoking Fachen's skill to play Rush E. Less knows and less appreciates.

  65. KodredCud


    14 timer siden

    After rewatching this I'm even more convinced Fanchen's attempt is sped up like 2x..

  66. Jc Millz Music876

    Jc Millz Music876

    14 timer siden

    It's only arrogance if you cant back it up, right?

  67. Bryant Zea

    Bryant Zea

    15 timer siden

    Fanchen Based

  68. Tarantula Madness

    Tarantula Madness

    15 timer siden

    Sheesh, he wasn't saying anything like "This is absolute dog shit, uninstall your piano!" Just a tiny snide remark he made. He said in his description in his video that him and the first guy playing piano in this video are cool now and also the hentai guy is like really good friends with him now lol. Calm down.

  69. Santo Tapatio

    Santo Tapatio

    16 timer siden

    A real life Squilliam 😭😭😭

  70. burgercat


    16 timer siden

    Haha this was gold

  71. darktangent10


    17 timer siden

    People should be free to like or dislike whatever they want and not have to justify it to random strangers.

  72. Anony Mous

    Anony Mous

    17 timer siden

    You’re an idiot if you think he a bad guy for making a very minor statement saying it was subpar, getting called out, and following through with destroying the original posters statement with a great performance. He’s not the asshole, you are for calling him one.

  73. Killer EpicBM

    Killer EpicBM

    18 timer siden

    Jesus fucking Christ that piece

  74. Eddie 2P

    Eddie 2P

    18 timer siden

    fanchen probably looks average to someone else as well...

  75. Opie Lee

    Opie Lee

    18 timer siden

    and this is why i dont talk shit on the internet

  76. Jacob Musgrave

    Jacob Musgrave

    18 timer siden

    Damn!! That shit slaps

  77. ツjoeyboy1203


    18 timer siden

    elioth still plays it best.

  78. The Viktator

    The Viktator

    19 timer siden

    Amadeus (1984)

  79. A Thief In The Night

    A Thief In The Night

    19 timer siden

    nah reddit is the cesspool of the internet.

  80. koli


    19 timer siden

    This is like the Hall of Mountain King

  81. Joaquin Foltz

    Joaquin Foltz

    20 timer siden

    My elementary music teacher can do better 🥱

  82. Roy Silva

    Roy Silva

    20 timer siden

    The comment section of any website is nothing but an endless war of facts and opinions, whatever you are right or wrong there is always a way to come on top of your enemies, even for this hentai guy.

  83. Alex Varela

    Alex Varela

    21 time siden

    Dude its kinda funny because I saw fanchens vid a lil while ago and didnt know the context to it lol

  84. Filip Hromiš

    Filip Hromiš

    21 time siden

    I kinda hate this kinda ppl they have the power and they use it to look down on someone

  85. Zoe Gaming

    Zoe Gaming

    22 timer siden

    He’s like Gilgamesh from FGO, arrogance and ego is justifiable if you have something to back up. It’s an advantage and a disadvantage for everyone.

  86. Pinhead


    22 timer siden

    Imagine if the link to his 1 up video was a fucken rick roll and he legit just did one of the best trolls on earth

  87. Feurox AI

    Feurox AI

    22 timer siden

    And that's how Farcry 5 ended.

  88. YouTubeUser


    22 timer siden

    Wait what if this is the part in the anime when the good character goes bad and the bad goes good?

  89. korker persona 7

    korker persona 7

    22 timer siden

    Anonymous internet asshole who’s good at something here

  90. Limbolegs


    23 timer siden

    Just play the song irl at half speed THEN speed up the video x2

  91. Renard Dubois

    Renard Dubois

    23 timer siden

    he should have checked his playlists// fanchen played Scarbo, the most difficult 9 minutes in the life of a pianist..

  92. Jeff W

    Jeff W

    23 timer siden

    3:49 isn't that your entire channel?

  93. _Nameless _

    _Nameless _

    23 timer siden

    Legend says everyone is afraid of him on Xbox live

  94. Tea Bot

    Tea Bot

    Dag siden

    When the main character is actually the villian

  95. BDC Matt

    BDC Matt

    Dag siden

    Anyone Remember that Maahhhk Wahlberg scene from the other guys? Fanchen got good at piano just so he could talk shit to other pianists on the internet.

  96. PETIT Laurent

    PETIT Laurent

    Dag siden

    Yeah you sound super pissed about that guy's skill xD. "omg how can someone be cocky.. And have the talent to back it up ?!?" Must be the devil !

  97. PETIT Laurent

    PETIT Laurent

    Dag siden

    When you have that much talent.... You can afford to be an asshole

  98. 4NN13 H

    4NN13 H

    Dag siden

    I’d rather be decent at something with a bunch of people pulling for me than excellent at something with most everyone hoping to see me fail. The world’s a lot bigger than the two or three things any of us individually are great at doing.