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  1. Bailey Lindo

    Bailey Lindo

    15 sekunder siden

    i would imagine in an ideal world these dudes practice on those realistic ballistic gel-type faces/upper bodies. It’d give you the same feedback as slapping someone i’d imagine

  2. Nize Mee

    Nize Mee

    22 timer siden

    Looks like Slap FIght is much better than this PunchDown. It's just pleasure to watch people like Wolverine in Slap Fight .

  3. antony bell

    antony bell

    23 timer siden

    the first guy got a chin like a fucking Dr suess character

  4. Kyli0310


    Dag siden

    I think the only thing they need to practice is aim

  5. OneJigglyWalrus Jiggy

    OneJigglyWalrus Jiggy

    Dag siden

    Can we get Brian Shaw to just murder vacillies( how ever the fuck you spell his name)

  6. RudeBafoon


    2 dager siden

    The things I'd do to see Charlie in a slap fight with a melon-armed Алексей

  7. Buster McNutt

    Buster McNutt

    2 dager siden

    Best content & commentary on NOnet. Period.😂😂😂



    3 dager siden

    Why slap competition logo is similar to bloody merch?.

  9. Tremolux Man

    Tremolux Man

    3 dager siden

    I thought 'clubbing' was a penalty.

  10. some_shitposting_coco


    4 dager siden

    That first guy seemed scared to actually hit his opponent in the face lmao

  11. Vision 4 Life

    Vision 4 Life

    4 dager siden

    Havinh Beard should be banned, its a shield

  12. Penguin Paladin

    Penguin Paladin

    4 dager siden

    I know the dumpling vaporizes watermelons to practice for slap competitions.

  13. 1 0

    1 0

    5 dager siden

    "would i torture a man with slaps? sure. if he rly deserved it" i'd like to imagine jesus in a cia safehouse about to confront a bonded up terrorist for 'questioning' with towel and water jug in hand. Turns out hes about to get a work out in, arms only day, on the terrorists face

  14. chicken strip

    chicken strip

    5 dager siden

    They practice on their wifes

  15. Robert Vaida

    Robert Vaida

    5 dager siden

    5:25 the amount of chicken legs in that picture alone, nobody in this competition has ever done 1 leg day in their entire life.

  16. Joe Pond

    Joe Pond

    5 dager siden

    Cotton balls as ear protection really shows the budget level of this operation.

  17. Drake Olson

    Drake Olson

    5 dager siden

    I think they aim for the chin so it can knock them out easier

  18. Mohamed Sous

    Mohamed Sous

    5 dager siden

    Just met you at my restaurant man and can't remember if I said thank you for the picture so I just wanted to say thank you for that and how good it made me feel that you even asked my name. It's been a rough year and a half and things start to feel monotonous working in a restaurant so seeing you come in, enjoy yourself and just take the time out to take a picture or ask my name means a lot. You might not read this but I really appreciate everything you do.

  19. Erik Kloepping

    Erik Kloepping

    5 dager siden

    It's Hellzone grenade, noooob.

  20. Alex Nickson

    Alex Nickson

    5 dager siden

    I would’ve been so upset if Charlie didn’t comment on Hubert’s distribution of chalk.

  21. Saif Miah

    Saif Miah

    5 dager siden

  22. 𝕊𝕦ℙ𝕒𝕒 Ψ

    𝕊𝕦ℙ𝕒𝕒 Ψ

    6 dager siden


  23. 𝕊𝕦ℙ𝕒𝕒 Ψ

    𝕊𝕦ℙ𝕒𝕒 Ψ

    6 dager siden


  24. dl


    6 dager siden

    Balistic dummies

  25. DCP0928


    6 dager siden

    This should be in the Olympics

  26. Greed Greed

    Greed Greed

    6 dager siden

    LOOOOLLLL "LOOK AT THAT KAIJU" OMFG! How do you come up with unlimited quotable lines man Damn.

  27. Danijel Dragičević

    Danijel Dragičević

    7 dager siden

    They need a rule of closed eyes, every guy getting punched needs to close eyes and maintain good form

  28. mrktrb


    7 dager siden

    charlie was sent to this planet with the mission to comment slapping, there is NO doubt!

  29. J RJ96

    J RJ96

    7 dager siden

    Slapping vids are the best vids

  30. Kaz


    7 dager siden

    Can you compete even if your hands are registered as lethal weapons?

  31. Arceus555


    7 dager siden

    maybe one of those punch machines and maybe they have them like specially made to weigh the target down so it would hurt more to know if its powerful

  32. Natalie Ngonela

    Natalie Ngonela

    7 dager siden

    Some watch tennis, others watch soccer I watch my neighbor sleep. Oh, and slap tournaments.

  33. I Am Jordy128

    I Am Jordy128

    7 dager siden


  34. Travis Blackfish

    Travis Blackfish

    8 dager siden

    They won’t allow the huge guy because he has the power to decapitate

  35. Dustin Shamp

    Dustin Shamp

    8 dager siden

    1:12 "he's a Jedi"

  36. TinfoilTomcat


    8 dager siden

    Slap watermelons for practice, gotta make em blow up

  37. Joey Blooms Joestar

    Joey Blooms Joestar

    8 dager siden

    Charlie name dropping piccolo attacks like that was shocking, and quite frankly upsetting. I was not aware he was such weeb trash.

  38. No One

    No One

    8 dager siden

    I once slapped my classmate and dislocated his jaw

  39. Weasel Wolf

    Weasel Wolf

    8 dager siden

    Yooo if Charlie could be a commentator I would make this my favorite sport (the NFL has gone anti-American anyways lol).

  40. m gymman

    m gymman

    8 dager siden

    Hi ma nyou should see gay called Maras 😉😉

  41. fat cheese

    fat cheese

    8 dager siden

    Boss raid oni If you know, you know.

  42. André Thomsen

    André Thomsen

    8 dager siden

    When you pimpslap, always remember to keep your arm slightly bent so you dont put all the force on the joint. And gentlemen, please dont slap with the fingers like youre fighting your sister for wearing her clothes. Let them feel meat.

  43. Bear Mauro

    Bear Mauro

    9 dager siden

    We need to start a petition to get Charlie to start training to be a slap champion.



    9 dager siden

    Charlie should start his own slapping organization

  45. Its Uzle

    Its Uzle

    9 dager siden

    Charlie complimenting a guy with his long hair 🤣, iykyk

  46. First Name Rizzo

    First Name Rizzo

    9 dager siden

    I am so glad I started watching Critikal's channel. This shit is hilarious.

  47. FaZe_Jk


    9 dager siden

    Can you tell this bitch your supposed to hold it above your head 5:00

  48. Captain _

    Captain _

    9 dager siden

    Should watch smidge the doorman boxing matches

  49. Leo H

    Leo H

    9 dager siden

    Can someone slap kevin smith for that woke masters reboot

  50. Trenton Ghorley

    Trenton Ghorley

    9 dager siden

    He hits the back of the neck because he has a beard. The beard absorbs the impact and gives an advantage. That needs to be a rule that they need to be shaved

  51. TurdFerguson Outdoors

    TurdFerguson Outdoors

    9 dager siden

    I always look forward to seeing 2 men slap the hell out of eachother.....

  52. Heyoka


    9 dager siden

    I see penquinz0 post a slap video, I click.

  53. BIG OL YEET !


    9 dager siden

    They probably use a balistics dummy to train

  54. Brad M

    Brad M

    9 dager siden

    I legit thought that the godslap website was going to be a gambling platform for slapping and other ridiculous sportsman like spectacles (at first)

  55. Øyvind


    9 dager siden

    I get a lot of practice on my wife, but I don't let her weigh over 100 lbs so she's really easy to knock out lol

  56. dominic Drew

    dominic Drew

    9 dager siden

    Hell zone grenade you pubus

  57. ThatMeme69


    9 dager siden

    Slapping Raid(Shadow legends) Boss

  58. AllVolBob


    9 dager siden

    I sense a bromance

  59. MortifiedVictim


    9 dager siden

    I can’t find any slapping tournaments in the US that I can buy tickets for. I want to go to one in person sooo bad. I found one event that sold tickets in Florida one time, ever. Maybe I’m not searching for the right things? Is there a website that posts tour dates of events all over the US?

  60. Bruce Weeks

    Bruce Weeks

    9 dager siden

    1:14 dude got his chin slapped off

  61. Kaylee Madeline

    Kaylee Madeline

    9 dager siden

    DATME: -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  62. reacts


    10 dager siden

    I really want to see a crossover of this and American slapping, would be cool to see you maybe commentate English for the eastern euro league too

  63. Nicholas McClain

    Nicholas McClain

    10 dager siden

    My mom should sign up

  64. Juice  Willis

    Juice Willis

    10 dager siden

    I slap Melons 🍈🍈

  65. Kyle Shebilske

    Kyle Shebilske

    10 dager siden

    It's Not Fair, You Should Have To Prove You Have a Neck First To Compete! Also Why Can't They Do 360° No-Scopes?

  66. MrJturner74


    10 dager siden

    He didn't miss his face, his beard is just that powerful.

    • Wako House

      Wako House

      9 dager siden

      I agree

  67. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt

    10 dager siden

    Pubert flexes after missing the

  68. Kolyn Seats

    Kolyn Seats

    10 dager siden

    Dude from the second fight looks like mark wahlburg after he gained weight for that new movie roll😂😂👀

  69. Swag Crab

    Swag Crab

    10 dager siden

    Hubert looks like a bowless Oliver Tree

  70. Danielle Waked

    Danielle Waked

    10 dager siden

    Huberts reach is too long. He isn’t accounting for the difference in height either.

  71. Valentyn Fizer

    Valentyn Fizer

    10 dager siden

    Pikolo's beard actually acts as a deflector shield

  72. x Gillatron

    x Gillatron

    10 dager siden

    1:03 love that they’re posing like they’re in the UFC but really just throwing slaps.

  73. Sporecat Insectivore

    Sporecat Insectivore

    10 dager siden

    That tall guy would literally decapitate the other person

  74. Me Bender

    Me Bender

    10 dager siden

    Gotta slap trees for practice to develop the iron palm.

  75. Morphin


    10 dager siden

    Mfs got the same name as me… Hubert 🗿

  76. MrGuanYu1


    10 dager siden

    Ole Hubert went with the new strat of slapping them in the back of the neck. Didn't work, but "I see what you doin' out here."

  77. Quincey Steward

    Quincey Steward

    10 dager siden

    Victory lap? More like victory slap! Ha. Am I right fellas?😏

  78. just6262


    10 dager siden

    Charlie's not even subscribed to Punch Down lolll

  79. p


    10 dager siden

    you get one of those balistic jelly heads and slap em

  80. p


    10 dager siden

    is he trying to not stain his beard

  81. Webspider 1924

    Webspider 1924

    10 dager siden

    slapping a tree trunk

  82. King Artheus The 2nd

    King Artheus The 2nd

    10 dager siden

    Japan: Anime World *sugoi* Russia: *hold my vodka* slapping tournament. World: 👀 удивительный

  83. Janey


    10 dager siden

    Fun fact, Paluch (Hubert) is a quite famous polish rapper, so I have no idea what he's doing in a slapping tournament

  84. Kaleb Acree

    Kaleb Acree

    10 dager siden

    you gotta see the dumpling slap a watermelon

  85. Perdedores, Inc.

    Perdedores, Inc.

    10 dager siden

    To unlock the secret boss you'll have to knock an opponent far enough to hit him back there, thus the real battle begins.

  86. Peter Sells

    Peter Sells

    10 dager siden

    Imagine Brock Lesnar doing slap fight, the the UFC had to make custom gloves because his hands were TOO big

  87. Craig Blumenthal

    Craig Blumenthal

    11 dager siden

    That behemoth would have to compete against Saitama for it to be even mildly competitive.

  88. 41 NEW VAWE est. 1998

    41 NEW VAWE est. 1998

    11 dager siden

    Bro the first Guy is like Eastern Roots and the other one is a polish white guy like HUH?! u Muricans rlly dont know races/breeds ...

  89. John R

    John R

    11 dager siden

    Serious question: should beards that cover the cheek be allowed in these competitions?

  90. AEi Racing

    AEi Racing

    11 dager siden

    Hellzone Grenade, Special Beam Cannon, Light Grenade.

  91. Trikernaught


    11 dager siden

    1:08 - Nah. I'd nope right the fk out. You'll never, EVER, smile at me like that before slapping me. Nah. Not today. Towel please.

  92. chris sanvo

    chris sanvo

    11 dager siden

    Fuck that table to the moon

  93. 90% makeup

    90% makeup

    11 dager siden

    is that ripped no neck ed

  94. Ebu


    11 dager siden

    The Ottomans would slap Marble to train their slaps maybe some of the contestants also train that way

  95. Mecca est89

    Mecca est89

    11 dager siden


  96. snrubber


    11 dager siden

    Hellzone Grenade

  97. Aiden Armentrout

    Aiden Armentrout

    11 dager siden

    kaiju 😂

  98. Jordy


    11 dager siden

    I love that Charlie always ends his videos with something like, “and yeah, that’s about it. See ya.” But I especially love when his videos end like this one. Without warning, but you can feel when it’s about to end😂

  99. Pointy Noodle

    Pointy Noodle

    11 dager siden

    dude obviously they practice. What are you talking about? dummies, punching bags, endurance training, strength, etc

  100. Sup Mcnuggs

    Sup Mcnuggs

    11 dager siden

    "look at this Kaiju standing behind him"💀💀