Moist Meter | Space Jam: A New Legacy

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SpaceJam: A New Legacy (2021 Animation / Adventure / Comedy Movie), starring LeBron James, Don Cheadle and directed by Malcolm D. Lee as reviewed by Charlie and Jackson.

The Moist Meter is an experimental measurement system that you can use to safely gauge just how moist a video game or movie is going to be before playing it or viewing it. Avoid the dry products and only use the wettest.

Moist Meter Scientists:

Jackson: zealotonpc
Charlie: moistcr1tikal


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  1. Bepiqed Vevacuru

    Bepiqed Vevacuru

    3 timer siden

    I genuinely enjoyed Space Jam 2, thought it was pretty good, like a 6.5/10.

  2. Michael Hernandez

    Michael Hernandez

    12 timer siden

    That last part is what carried me through the movie I love calling out references

  3. TheConfusedEra


    16 timer siden

    I watched the movie today and honestly it wasn't that bad. There was nothing too much wrong with it. It had a lot of references I liked. But it's a kids film and easily better then the first Space Jam so eh.

  4. Håkan Zackrisson

    Håkan Zackrisson

    18 timer siden

    I Kinda liked it tho. I had fun in the Cinema

  5. Hadestrike


    23 timer siden

    w e l c o m e t o t h e m o i s t m e t e r

  6. angel jimenez

    angel jimenez

    Dag siden

    Only thing I’ll remember of this movie is some kid throwing up at the end of the movie. Guess he couldn’t ingest any of it either…

  7. Ian Cassidy

    Ian Cassidy

    Dag siden

    Walt Disney said "If you can dream it, you can do it, and don't let anybody say you can't". This is my biggest dream goal of bringing the 2-D animated style from Disney once again and I'll be a movie director as well.



    Dag siden

    Funniest NOnetr by far

    • HANGEN


      Dag siden

      Along with Chris smoove

  9. 3icepwn


    Dag siden

    This movie felt such a chore to watch. My little brother seemed to love it though.

  10. Emerald Dragon

    Emerald Dragon

    Dag siden

    There's as much references in this movie as there was in ready player one, and that was a good movie

  11. EvilEpicFace


    Dag siden

    "it's a kids movie" bruh, MLP is made for kids but then there's all of these hardcore bronies.

  12. Nelly 601

    Nelly 601

    2 dager siden

    One funny thing they did Is that they did a shot with Lola bunny where they referenced the classic dwayne wade and lebron pose

  13. Thoritorium


    2 dager siden

    Thank god its not another "the original space jam was bad too" take

  14. Nation


    2 dager siden

    This movie is good because I paid money for it

  15. Ninjos


    2 dager siden

    I watched it and I didn't even remember what happened. I was bored throughout the movie and barely paid attention.

  16. ND


    2 dager siden

  17. Kermit the frog Sings

    Kermit the frog Sings

    2 dager siden

    Lebrons shitty acting made the movie bad in my opponion.

  18. Sarah Hiver Soeur

    Sarah Hiver Soeur

    3 dager siden

    Space Jam New Legacy is basically Warner Bros version of Disney's Artemis Fowl aka a fucking disaster of a movie

  19. Brannin Bova

    Brannin Bova

    3 dager siden

    I watched that movie super stoned and it was still trash

  20. Vento Mario

    Vento Mario

    3 dager siden

    I actually had fun with the movie 😀 Story is clunky but it's fun

  21. Yogi


    3 dager siden

    Its only 25% because of big chungus

  22. My Liege

    My Liege

    3 dager siden

    I actually liked the movie. It was funny seeing nba players acting goofy.

  23. Fitro


    3 dager siden

    Go look back at Space Jam 1 again and then look at Space Jam 2! Space Jam 1 is garbage.

  24. Skeletor


    3 dager siden

    I honestly don't remember a THING from this movie. What absolute dog shite.

  25. krad danger

    krad danger

    3 dager siden

    The original space jam definitely holds up. It's much better than the remake. You should watch the original again. It aged pretty well.

  26. Sean Quek

    Sean Quek

    4 dager siden

    LeBron is a big dum dum goon squad was using their abilities to win the game at some point LeBron tells Bugs don't do anything Looney what an idiot

  27. Atzel


    4 dager siden

    I went to the bathroom 3 times during this movie.

  28. Chris McDonald

    Chris McDonald

    4 dager siden

    I love you Charlie, but this movie was great and I don’t agree fully. U should watch the old Space Jam just to see since you haven’t watched it in many years. This new movie is by far better, and you’re really not giving it a fair take. You won’t watch the old one now because you don’t want to realize it was kinda bad, but u watched the new one and called it bad. Be fair, Charlie. Horrible take, but much love.

  29. Mike Oxlong

    Mike Oxlong

    4 dager siden

    This movie was kind of a big flex

  30. king kudzu

    king kudzu

    5 dager siden

    Space jam 1 felt like the roger rabbit movie

  31. king kudzu

    king kudzu

    5 dager siden

    Forget the nostalgia and review the first it’s not as bad as you’d expect I recently watched it and it has unique character for sure

  32. Din Lin

    Din Lin

    5 dager siden

    Pilot twist: he only hated it because they changed lola bunny

  33. edouard Bail

    edouard Bail

    5 dager siden

    " black and white tv show": imagine being a movie critic and not knowing Casablanca...

  34. Carol


    5 dager siden

    Eh I went to see it with my little sister for her birthday and I enjoyed it.

  35. InsaneLee3


    5 dager siden

    The Big Chungus cameo instantly made it a masterpiece for me.

  36. Zapkin (⌐►_◄)

    Zapkin (⌐►_◄)

    6 dager siden

    It's nice to see all your favorite cartoon.

  37. GenoOW


    6 dager siden

    the crowd in the final match was a real spit in the face by themselves to themselves. Lets be real, canon wise it is moronic to see Voldemort and the white walker king jamming out to a childrens video game basketball match. It is an insult to the legacy of all these characters with great stories and movies. And half the time the crowds cheers relate to nothing - their unchoreographed cheers and shocked expressions happen literally at random times, same reactions for a quiet team meeting as when someone scored points.

  38. GenoOW


    6 dager siden

    worst movie ive seen in like 4 years and I often watch crappy movies. Wow.

  39. It is a w

    It is a w

    6 dager siden

    is was pretty good imo

  40. Lil Babo

    Lil Babo

    6 dager siden

    Lebron still the goat

  41. Darnell Banks

    Darnell Banks

    6 dager siden

    Imagine not even having the Space Jam theme... smh disappointment is immeasurable

  42. Colin Wytrwal

    Colin Wytrwal

    6 dager siden

    I actually somewhat enjoyed it because my uncle who has fragile x enjoyed it so that made me happy

  43. hispanic nerd

    hispanic nerd

    6 dager siden

    only good thing is the animation for it, its kinda sad that the talent behind that just goes to this fucking 2 hour long commercial for WB seriously is like the higher ups on there don't know anythinng about creativity and think animation is just a means to sell shit to customers is so sad tbh

  44. Fulcrum 67

    Fulcrum 67

    6 dager siden

    Who’s the British voice introducing the sponsor?

  45. Pigeon McCoo

    Pigeon McCoo

    6 dager siden

    I give this a 60% cause Lebron’s voice acting was way better in spanish dub

  46. Hackattack Gaming

    Hackattack Gaming

    7 dager siden

    Idk the first Space Jam did really bad at release too and now it's iconic. I liked this new one maybe it will have a similar outcome in 20 years. Def not as good as the first though

  47. Mr. Dead Memes

    Mr. Dead Memes

    7 dager siden

    > watched space jam already > decides to watch space jam 2 > 'yeah i think that was pretty good' > 'i wonder what other people think' > looks up movie title > every comment completely bashing every aspect of the movie

  48. Y Pe

    Y Pe

    7 dager siden

    Why is it so zoomed in on ur face in all the moist meter videos, nothing glaringly wrong with it, it’s just an odd screen distribution, throws me off a bit

  49. Ramune_ Lemonade

    Ramune_ Lemonade

    7 dager siden

    Lebron’s acting was a bit flat when he entered the looney tunes world, but overall it was kind of good

  50. I'm a rock.

    I'm a rock.

    7 dager siden

    I really don't get why people actually enjoy this joke of a movie.

  51. Lily Elgart

    Lily Elgart

    7 dager siden

    lebron’s acting is genuinely terrible. this is the one part i disagree with. once he’s a cartoon it improves just barely, but at any other moment i want to gouge out my eyeballs and burn whatever script he was reading off of

  52. someloser 2888199

    someloser 2888199

    7 dager siden

    If you find yourself questioning why a sequel was made other than to make money, then that's a bad sequel.

  53. Jerrin Eby

    Jerrin Eby

    7 dager siden

    The movie was meh I only watched it for the among us and Chungus reference

  54. Tom S.A. Savage

    Tom S.A. Savage

    7 dager siden

    If you think this movie sucks, then Space Jam 1 is REALLY going to be bad. Valid criticisms of constant references and the length of the movie. However, the animation is absolutely beautiful and really impressed me by how much Warner Bros. put into the effort of making it look aesthetically pleasing. But overall, this movie is mediocre at best.

  55. Jessica Marequez

    Jessica Marequez

    7 dager siden

    seeing a random kid jump up in excitement. Was enough for me to know it did it's job, sorry . Over all I enjoyed it with my family too

  56. Nicholas G Jefferson

    Nicholas G Jefferson

    7 dager siden

    I can never give this movie higher than a 3/10, no matter my mental state. And that's generous

  57. I Noah That Guy

    I Noah That Guy

    7 dager siden

    I dunno. I had a blast with the film.

  58. Gojirasans 228

    Gojirasans 228

    7 dager siden

    I thought it was pretty sick

  59. Andrew Aldrich

    Andrew Aldrich

    7 dager siden

    Please please please do a MM on M Knight Shamalans new movie Old. It's so bad it's now one of my favorite comedies.

  60. Nerdy gaming

    Nerdy gaming

    7 dager siden

    Stop it... Move back a bit, please

  61. Vlademir Puttin

    Vlademir Puttin

    7 dager siden

    I agree with how u dont wanna ruin childhood memories by watching the first one again. Done that multiple times exoect curious george that movie still fuckin slaps

  62. Stacey Fiore

    Stacey Fiore

    7 dager siden


  63. StubenhockerElite


    7 dager siden

    The true sequel to space Jam is shut up and jam gaiden

  64. Zombycow


    8 dager siden

    "I haven't seen the first space jam" *Y O U W H A T !* "since the 90's" ok that's better.

  65. Mr Mavik

    Mr Mavik

    8 dager siden

    Oh, I get that is when i understand Charlie's references.

  66. C. Krausse

    C. Krausse

    8 dager siden

    I just unsubscribe

  67. NoticeMe Portgas

    NoticeMe Portgas

    8 dager siden

    And everyone is assuming if you dont like this new movie its because lola doesn't have big tits or you just hate LeBron. I'm like those are 2 of the many points why this is bad

  68. Rigby


    8 dager siden

    You forgot about the Rick and Morty scene

  69. Joe


    8 dager siden

    Fundamentals are family

  70. Joe


    8 dager siden

    that's bullshit - they went out of their way to make the first 30mins suck

  71. Rekity


    8 dager siden

    I kinda like it

  72. Tink3r3r


    8 dager siden

    My 4 year old that was very excited about the movie walk away 35min in and it held strong just because of the candies and popcorn, he can watch space jam original any time 3 times per day

  73. Aki Stenberg

    Aki Stenberg

    8 dager siden

    I thought the movie was simply brilliant i was laughing through most of the movie and the entire theater did as well i think people really hold way to much expectations for it but i give it a 7.7/10

  74. Thehcchannel


    8 dager siden

    I liked it the original was better tho it had to many references

  75. UC32 UC32

    UC32 UC32

    8 dager siden

    🤣 what child has seen Austin powers lmao

  76. We Live in a Society

    We Live in a Society

    8 dager siden

    It had Big Chungus, so I rate it a solid 8/10

  77. Cyberpunk Guides

    Cyberpunk Guides

    8 dager siden

    moist meter on gangsta pleasee

  78. Marcus Gabriel

    Marcus Gabriel

    8 dager siden

    This is my thoughts about how the movie was after I first watched it: “Come on Lebron you king” “Lebron is the coolest” “But Lebron, the children” “Your a wizard Lebron” “There’s no one like Lebron huh” “You are the one Lebron” “Notice me Lebron-senpai”

  79. NightRome


    8 dager siden

    I went back and watched the old one before the new one and i didn't mind it and it was hella better than the new one

  80. RABBIDGamfan


    8 dager siden

    Space Jam but the Monstars stole the directors' talents

  81. MCthiccFrames


    8 dager siden

    I feel as if this movie was trying to appeal to a young audience of video game kids. The references make it feel like Ready Player One and LeBron’s kid wants to be a game designer. Is that the new rebellious childhood attitude?

  82. Millennium Fox

    Millennium Fox

    9 dager siden

    Lola looked awful in this movie. 0/10

  83. The Lazy Gamer

    The Lazy Gamer

    9 dager siden

    You know what else was a good movie made for kids? *THE ORIGINAL SPACE JAM*

  84. Aviation


    9 dager siden

    I found it weird that once they got all the characters on the team, it just happened to be time for the game, just straight to it

  85. MAK3X7


    9 dager siden

    I didn't mind space jam 2, definitely the best parts are the references and animation. Sports wise I was screaming at the score, these guys get 1 point for dunking, wtf. Even the 50+ bonus style points felt too low at times, especially towards the end. I also didn't enter the movie with high expectations, and it satisfyingly meet my low expectations.

  86. oLiver 0118

    oLiver 0118

    9 dager siden

    The lack of paddington in this movie is disgusting.

  87. Charlie Trimingham

    Charlie Trimingham

    9 dager siden

    Drinking Game: Watch space jam and take a shot every time there is a reference

  88. Tiffany Villagomez

    Tiffany Villagomez

    9 dager siden

    Did you miss the character development? Lol

  89. Leo Sanchez

    Leo Sanchez

    9 dager siden

    This is the perfect epilog:

  90. Playlist merchant

    Playlist merchant

    9 dager siden

    Did you know bugs is legally a struggling rapist?

  91. craig 2020

    craig 2020

    9 dager siden

    You should be a common sense media reviewer



    9 dager siden

    I wasn’t even alive in the 90s but I really doubt that Lebron has the same amount of star power that Michael Jordan did.

    • Vibe


      9 dager siden

      Yeah, he doesn't lol

  93. Zoom PC

    Zoom PC

    9 dager siden

    If you like "Ready player one" then you'll like this movie.

    • AreaDenial


      8 dager siden

      @Alex Gomez Yes I'm biased, but it has nothing to do with any of the pop culture shit they shoved into Ready Player One. The Oasis is just a cool-ass concept, a virtual reality world of such sheer magnitude and scale one could only dream of. It's just plain cool. Is that really so wrong? On the other hand even if I were a fan of basketball I think Space Jam would be excruciating to watch. The difference is execution, and the extent of the cash-grabbiness.

    • Alex Gomez

      Alex Gomez

      8 dager siden

      @AreaDenial So you’re bias because one reflects your personal interests more?

    • Zoom PC

      Zoom PC

      8 dager siden

      @AreaDenial I'm just saying they're both "okay" movies using a bunch of IP's to supplement their story. Nothing special about either.

    • AreaDenial


      8 dager siden

      @Zoom PC Dude, are you trying to make Space Jam sound good? Ready Player One appealed to my interest in VR and escape from reality, and at least had decent action and visuals. Doesn't sound like Space Jam even has that.

    • Zoom PC

      Zoom PC

      8 dager siden

      @AreaDenial sorry man but it's the same. Watch the movie and you'll see ready player one and space jam is the same shit.

  94. Avery Marshall

    Avery Marshall

    9 dager siden

    I knew it was bad.

  95. TheMilkMan407


    9 dager siden

    in my opinion I didn't think it was that bad. yeah, the first half was kinda ass. but this is a movie about Lebron James playing with the loony toons. I didn't watch it for the story, I watched it to watch Lebron play with Bugs Bunny.

  96. Ava White

    Ava White

    9 dager siden

    DATME: -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  97. Raleigh Combs

    Raleigh Combs

    10 dager siden

    Hey y’all know this movie isn’t made for older people it’s made for kids so of course older people aren’t gonna like it

    • Alex Gomez

      Alex Gomez

      8 dager siden

      LMAO, not for older people? This movie is literally banking and milking on its predecessor’s nostalgia, fandoms comprised of older audiences (Game of Thrones) and references to IPs that only film nerds would understand (what kid gives a shit about The Maltese Falcon?). So fuck off with that “it’s for kids” bullshit, you know damn well the producers were counting on older fans and audiences to see this.

    • Minos Kronides

      Minos Kronides

      9 dager siden

      @Corey Hammond while i agree that just because its a kids movie, it does not get a pass, and kids films can be really good, this is a sequel to space jam, the movie that was based on a nike commercial, there is obviously gonna be references and cameos that older people are gonna get, but i don't think the point is for kids to know them as well, the movie is for kids and the references are for adults.Honestly both films are just corporate shameless and stupid, but they can both be genuinely really fun

    • Corey Hammond

      Corey Hammond

      9 dager siden

      Paddington was made for kids and both are very well made and enjoyable films for all ages. Just because it is targeted at children doesn't mean it gets a pass for being terrible. Also, most of the references are targeting an older generation. Kids aren't going to know 90%+ of what is being referenced.

  98. Bannekrai


    10 dager siden

    It feels as if the enemy team was literally made up in 5 minutes

  99. Comm ___

    Comm ___

    10 dager siden

    I hate how they acknowledged Austin Powers, because that means they're gonna try making another in the future and it'll ruin the franchise

  100. Ananaqi


    10 dager siden

    Hey its that fortnite guy from fortnite