Man Steals Two Police Cars In One Chase

This is the greatest real life gta of All Time
I'm live every day


  1. MrRaven


    5 timer siden

    Florida man... i'm not surprised

  2. Kahoobb


    Dag siden

    He was black and they didn't kill him even though he didn't listen to the cops and tried running and stole police cars. Interesting. I thought he was white up until the end. I'm glad he's alive.

  3. Dark SS

    Dark SS

    2 dager siden

    He could've just stopped the car the and the other police car could've just crashed

  4. Homi Chulo

    Homi Chulo

    2 dager siden


  5. iChocoboKnight


    3 dager siden

    Some mornings you wake up looking in the mirror saying “today, 3 stars won’t cut it.”

  6. Andrew Holub

    Andrew Holub

    4 dager siden

    As a Floridian himself, Charlie is just broadcasting the local news.

  7. Krencher


    5 dager siden

    I'm glad he didn't get shot

  8. Miles Janlo

    Miles Janlo

    5 dager siden

    I bet he had the power of family.

  9. Death Dragon

    Death Dragon

    5 dager siden

    He just activated so many sleeper agents

  10. Silence


    5 dager siden

    2 cars 1 crook

  11. Steve G

    Steve G

    5 dager siden

    Had to be a white guy

    • Steve G

      Steve G

      5 dager siden

      Oop. Nevermind

  12. Kris tian

    Kris tian

    5 dager siden

    They should have electric locks on police cars that can be controlled by a dispatcher, or even better, an option to remotelty start/stop engine.

  13. Silver1080p


    6 dager siden

    What a retarded police department. If I worked there I'd be cussing out the idiots who gave him the cars

  14. SassierGecko104


    7 dager siden

    The only reason they didn’t get down and grab him is because then Shaun king would claim police violence

  15. forcegamer52 gamer52

    forcegamer52 gamer52

    8 dager siden

    And here we have him, Florida man strikes again.

  16. deathclaw king

    deathclaw king

    8 dager siden

    No clip flys to the heli

  17. MaskkedCreamy


    8 dager siden

    The fact that it said Florida man it’s always the Florida man

  18. Ahmed Mohammed

    Ahmed Mohammed

    9 dager siden

    Gta is so popular they made it into real life 😳😳

  19. Nasvic


    9 dager siden


  20. Ethan Black

    Ethan Black

    9 dager siden

    I comment to help statistics

  21. Destro


    10 dager siden

    Why are there even police chases? I’ve never seen one escape. They must know that they have no chance…

  22. Crazydog 330

    Crazydog 330

    10 dager siden

    guy was definitely at 3 stars lol

  23. Scoopz


    10 dager siden

    It just adds more irony that the first two words of the video is “Florida Man”.

  24. bennet krupke

    bennet krupke

    10 dager siden

    When the cops shoot your wheel in gta so you have to get another car:

  25. Isaiah


    11 dager siden

    He stole that second car just a couple miles down the interstate from where i live

  26. Lamar Davis

    Lamar Davis

    11 dager siden

    I’m surprised he didn’t get 10 shotgun shells

  27. Dark Lord

    Dark Lord

    11 dager siden

    The power of Florida man is unreal

  28. Lilly


    11 dager siden

    This has to be a Florida man

  29. Wick John

    Wick John

    11 dager siden

    This is amazing

  30. platic


    11 dager siden

    to be fair, the cops would probably get flamed in the media for icing the guy

  31. Elliot Alderson

    Elliot Alderson

    11 dager siden

    What doesn't make sense is how they *all* abandoned their vehicles and crowded around one spot as far from the road as they could be

  32. Davy Smith

    Davy Smith

    11 dager siden

    Achievement unlocked

  33. CanadianGuy 16

    CanadianGuy 16

    11 dager siden

    This guy is the main character

  34. An Original Name

    An Original Name

    11 dager siden

    Should they have shot him? Cars are deadly weapons

  35. Nick Peterson

    Nick Peterson

    12 dager siden

    I like how respectful he was at the end there to not even bother embarrassing the cops again by trying to take a 3rd car...he was just like w/e i've already taken your dignity from you i've got nothing left to prove

  36. NoahxKenshin


    12 dager siden

    If he was black, they would’ve lit the car up most likely.

  37. Sweaty Samurai

    Sweaty Samurai

    12 dager siden

    yeah cops are really stupid

  38. Luna


    12 dager siden

    Gta 5 in real life

  39. EclecticBread NCircus

    EclecticBread NCircus

    12 dager siden

    I saw this on Donut Operator. I couldn't believe it.

  40. joe past

    joe past

    12 dager siden

    I'm CIA

  41. Dark Mario

    Dark Mario

    12 dager siden

    This just reminds me of the dukes of hazzard or smoky and the bandit

  42. Jacob C

    Jacob C

    12 dager siden

    Got a 4 star wanted level

  43. Charles Grove

    Charles Grove

    12 dager siden

    Much prefer that over just shooting the likely unarmed individual, welp now we need to roll out biometrics for the cruisers.

  44. The God of Wood

    The God of Wood

    12 dager siden

    He could’ve just made a run for it when he first got into the woods, he would’ve been undetectable in that shit

  45. HeroG •

    HeroG •

    13 dager siden

    Ayo guys where is the flying rocket bikes

  46. Devin Selvaag

    Devin Selvaag

    13 dager siden

    It really took every single cop in the state to barely get one guy

  47. Kazato


    13 dager siden

    did no one else notice that the date on his computer was 6/9?

  48. A B

    A B

    13 dager siden

    He NVLed, - 1.

  49. General Kenobi

    General Kenobi

    13 dager siden

    “IM CIA, FBI AND SECRET SERVICE AGENCY!” Thank you for existing Xavier Cummings. Keep calling the illuminati for help.

  50. MarioThoughts


    13 dager siden

    Damn, so gta is realistic and accurate!

  51. Nick Myers

    Nick Myers

    13 dager siden

    Americans have shot at cars for driving away. The only reason they didnt shoot was not to take him alive, but to not shoot at their cars.

  52. My precious

    My precious

    13 dager siden


  53. Frog God

    Frog God

    13 dager siden

    Who could it be but a Florida man

  54. Minato Namikaze

    Minato Namikaze

    13 dager siden

    "how do you not even accidentally tase him" very poor choice of words

  55. N3CR0SS


    13 dager siden

    That is litterally real life XQC

  56. Rowan Edy

    Rowan Edy

    13 dager siden

    They didn't want to spill blood in a nice cop car... 😂

  57. Keslen Hunt

    Keslen Hunt

    13 dager siden

    If only cops had something non-lethal that would stun rather than killing them

    • Lopoik Jones

      Lopoik Jones

      9 dager siden

      They did taze him. It was just ineffective

  58. Big Balls

    Big Balls

    13 dager siden


  59. Lukitommele


    13 dager siden

    90 of my friends are going to hynt me while i try to speedrun minecraft. Can they stop me before i beat the ender dragon? This is minecraft manhunt.

  60. multi


    13 dager siden

    Mans on a 5 star

  61. UV BlackLight

    UV BlackLight

    13 dager siden


  62. Smauel


    14 dager siden

    This looks like the shit I do in just cause 3

  63. GiftedOperator


    14 dager siden

    If only it had been nighttime they would've seen him glow in the dark and know he was telling the truth.

  64. Noctus Grimm

    Noctus Grimm

    14 dager siden

    All in saying is if he wasn't white, they would have shot him 37 times when he ran to that second car.

  65. Ben Curran

    Ben Curran

    14 dager siden

    Man be playing smashy roads

  66. Matt Ferrigno

    Matt Ferrigno

    14 dager siden

    I don't understand what happened when the guy jumped in the second police car. The cop had a gun pointing right at the guy with the door open. I would think he can use the car as a weapon and you would be able to shoot him. I guess the man didn't have a weapon and the cop didn't want to shoot him and get in trouble. Though I've seen many of times the cops take that shot for alot less than this man did.

  67. Cameron Smith

    Cameron Smith

    14 dager siden


  68. eltiodude


    14 dager siden

    “Where did this happ-oh, of course.”

  69. hahaclassy


    14 dager siden

    how in the world

  70. Ksmooth


    14 dager siden

    you are cool asf

  71. Pizza Guy93

    Pizza Guy93

    14 dager siden

    dream be like:

  72. prahanormal


    14 dager siden

    It truly is incredible how completely incompetent US cops are.

    • caligulasAquarium


      12 dager siden

      No they couldnt shoot him because the media would go crazy and theyd probably get more budget cuts and lay offs. Their hands are tied by people like you. For them it's always a lose-lose situation.

    • Y E P.

      Y E P.

      12 dager siden

      nah, that's just florida lmao

  73. Chonk Um One Man Gang

    Chonk Um One Man Gang

    14 dager siden

    He was talking that Sam Witwiki shit at the end! He knows where to find the All Spark!

  74. The Man

    The Man

    14 dager siden

    You can think BLM that's the only reason they were not allowed to just shoot the prick as they should have

  75. Akira Kurusu⁷

    Akira Kurusu⁷

    14 dager siden

    Mans been playing too much GTA

  76. MrJohnCitizenSmith


    14 dager siden

    Steals the underminers drill 😂😂😂

  77. Bas Gerritsen

    Bas Gerritsen

    14 dager siden

    You've gotta give the cops props for not shooting the guy though! He ran and they had every opportunity to blast bim but they didn't.

  78. Nathan Franks

    Nathan Franks

    14 dager siden

    Why didnt the cop just yank him out!?! He just looked at him while the dude stole his car

  79. The Soviet Penguin

    The Soviet Penguin

    14 dager siden


  80. StillKURBBZ


    14 dager siden

    He has all the powers of all Florida men

  81. Alt Mc

    Alt Mc

    14 dager siden

    Breaking news: Franklin Clinton arrested after stealing 2 police cars and getting stopped by a stinger.

  82. dakota


    14 dager siden

    The civilian looking guy is hire management

  83. DevTheBuilder


    14 dager siden

    did you know that the first guy to get to him was the police chief of the county. he unlocked the boss level.

  84. Ibrahim Ahmed

    Ibrahim Ahmed

    15 dager siden

    Ah yes, Augmented Reality GTA:VI

  85. neon


    15 dager siden

    Fed em to the kraken😈

  86. Christopher Wolfe

    Christopher Wolfe

    15 dager siden

    White or black?

  87. anton istrate

    anton istrate

    15 dager siden

    Absolute chad

  88. Fate


    15 dager siden

    Him being a Florida man is already enough to make me believe this happened

  89. Sly Reborn

    Sly Reborn

    15 dager siden

    The cops should've been like: "damn. Respect. You're free to go"

  90. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

    15 dager siden

    imagine if he was black

    • Jesus Christ

      Jesus Christ

      15 dager siden

      oh bruh he was black

  91. Palm Tree fit

    Palm Tree fit

    15 dager siden

    Gta cops in real life ?

  92. King Jay

    King Jay

    15 dager siden

    this man could of stole the whole entire police department if he wanted to Florida people are just built different

  93. Sean Carrao

    Sean Carrao

    15 dager siden

    i would have ran into the woods lol if i ever managed to get into the second car

  94. Katzumi Otomo

    Katzumi Otomo

    15 dager siden

    The looks on their dumb faces when they find out he's really in the CIA and have to let him go

  95. Emrach te Riele

    Emrach te Riele

    15 dager siden

    Police: can't have shit in Detroit

  96. DigitalShadow


    15 dager siden

    def GTA player

  97. ipownyou1234


    15 dager siden

    luckiest black man alive.

  98. Jack Zanetti

    Jack Zanetti

    15 dager siden

    Of course it’s in Florida

  99. I love lamp

    I love lamp

    15 dager siden

    These police should get credit for not shooting a black man under extreme resisting arrest conditions.

  100. Nora Julie

    Nora Julie

    15 dager siden

    Honestly relieved they didn't shoot him, and I hate that that was where my mind was throughout the chase.