Fake Karen

This is the greatest fake karen of All Time
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  1. Mustafa Tharwat

    Mustafa Tharwat

    2 dager siden

    5:57 AMOGUS

  2. Checkmate


    2 dager siden

    Pizza man tries to deliver pizza, INSTANTLY regrets it

  3. iHisam


    2 dager siden

    the flimsy pizza pack note opened my eyes to conspiracy theories

  4. gnomologist


    3 dager siden

    So Karens videos are becoming like UFO videos? In a year from now, even Charlie will not be able to distinguish real from fake without resorting to specialists...

  5. JustsomeSteve


    3 dager siden

    Isn't that security guy in the second video a youtuber?

  6. Haphazardous Trash

    Haphazardous Trash

    4 dager siden

    The 2nd video is a real sighting of Cyborg-Cider-Man #2

  7. Tanner Smith

    Tanner Smith

    4 dager siden

    in these fake ones the start filming before the freak out and in real ones they are already freaking out

  8. green lamp

    green lamp

    4 dager siden

    the orange soda is her concealed and carry

  9. Luzilyo Stormchild

    Luzilyo Stormchild

    4 dager siden

    yooooo, wdym not everything i see online is real? holy shit, mind = blown. lol

  10. gasmaskkiller38


    5 dager siden

    Actually I thought it was real because Karens are so fucking stupid that it's honestly hard to tell if it's real or not.

  11. Grepid


    5 dager siden

    To be fair, all Karen encounters seem fake because it is almost fictional how idiotic karens are

  12. Dusty Honey

    Dusty Honey

    5 dager siden

    You can also tell that video is fake because he acts like she’s some sort of wall.

  13. better nickname pending

    better nickname pending

    6 dager siden

    this is a porn acting.

  14. Kanna the Dragon Loli

    Kanna the Dragon Loli

    6 dager siden

    That pizza one. The captions. They are trying to persuade watchers to stay. That's how you tell its fakeness

  15. Oriana Almada

    Oriana Almada

    6 dager siden

    lmao, 'i hope most of you can see that is fake' wtf, usa has some fucked up people, ofc i thought this shit was real, and i wasnt surprised at all 😂

  16. Sarit Shah

    Sarit Shah

    6 dager siden

    The orange soda Karen looks a bit like April O'Neill 😅

  17. Digitus Medius

    Digitus Medius

    7 dager siden

    "maam im delivering pizza im the pizza man" are you fucking serious

  18. M. Maynez

    M. Maynez

    7 dager siden

    " you killed me " Also Karen: *rolling around screeching*

  19. Melodysammy


    7 dager siden

    The biggest red flag in the pizza video was the fact that law enforcement showed up within the hour

  20. R 225

    R 225

    7 dager siden

    what are the chances 3 people from the same gated community all order pizza at the same time?

  21. Christopher Pagliuca

    Christopher Pagliuca

    7 dager siden

    It’s dumb people would fake Karen videos. It’s easier to find a Karen than a shiny Pokémon

  22. UV BlackLight

    UV BlackLight

    7 dager siden


  23. 2mucho


    8 dager siden

    this can’t be a Karen she looks to good

  24. xSadoka


    8 dager siden

    Just remember guys, gaslighting isn't real, your friends and family are just making up words so you seem stupid.

  25. dokidarth


    8 dager siden

    This happy meals a little rotten

  26. GoodGamerGotDrip


    8 dager siden


  27. condensed milk

    condensed milk

    8 dager siden


  28. theparodychannel


    8 dager siden

    Can we get a church camp called Charlie's fucking church camp? Where Charlie teaches the bibble?

  29. Crayola Sniffer

    Crayola Sniffer

    9 dager siden

    Is that Chris Chan in the thumbnail?

  30. Dallas


    9 dager siden

    5:56 the content is SUS O.O

  31. kappa


    9 dager siden

    Every real video I see too the person recording seems very calm, trying not to really stir the pot any more, a kind of person you feel you can relate to.

  32. Amber Skys

    Amber Skys

    9 dager siden

    Is that a real Karen? Nope. Chuck Testa

  33. AKAxStretch


    9 dager siden

    Charlie is the internets final boss

  34. corona virus

    corona virus

    9 dager siden

    attention to detail, tiktokers....attention to detail...

  35. Marnie Baker-Winnick

    Marnie Baker-Winnick

    9 dager siden

    What about her wig? It's so obvious!!!

  36. Steve D

    Steve D

    9 dager siden

    The pizza guy chase scene made me think I was watching Terminator 2.

  37. Haven City civilian

    Haven City civilian

    9 dager siden

    I think the dog should be sensing something is wrong if this was real, but it looks chill.

  38. JamesTheTsundere


    9 dager siden

    Man Fakes Karen Encounter, Lives To Regret it.....Ending Will Shock You.

  39. DatRedCat OnE

    DatRedCat OnE

    10 dager siden

    that woman is 5 seconds away from yelling "HEART THIS VIDEO AND FOLLOW IF YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE"

  40. Shazam!


    10 dager siden

    Internet Jesus Opened me eyes

  41. SuperWiiBros08


    10 dager siden

    I'll rather have staged fake karen videos than the real plague to come back

    • Jarrhed


      3 dager siden

      I'd rather have neither of them. 😎👌

    • That Nerd Albert

      That Nerd Albert

      8 dager siden

      no likes for you today, sorry

  42. Brother Midgus

    Brother Midgus

    10 dager siden

    those godslap posters in the back look far cooler than any comic book cover i've seen

  43. Krytikyle


    10 dager siden

    Seriously, who downvotes videos like this? You're the idiot who clicked the link, if you didn't like it, move on :/

  44. Goh kee shee

    Goh kee shee

    10 dager siden

    people are so desperate for fame these days that they will make fake karens

  45. Rich y

    Rich y

    10 dager siden

    You can tell it’s fake from the first few seconds of the video. It’s really poor acting.

  46. Skele Puns

    Skele Puns

    10 dager siden

    "YOU'VE KILLED MEEEE" "good"😀

  47. Darrei Deamos

    Darrei Deamos

    10 dager siden

    If there are no hard insults and racism its not a real Karen

  48. Amanda Tinkham

    Amanda Tinkham

    10 dager siden

    I honestly thought the 2nd one was real. It was to funny

    • Amanda Tinkham

      Amanda Tinkham

      9 dager siden

      @DragonCat621 i loved her chasing the car. It seems like something a karen would do.

    • DragonCat621


      10 dager siden

      untill the "security" guy's garbage acting

  49. Joe Baskin

    Joe Baskin

    10 dager siden

    500 to 30k like dislike ratio and I understand every bit of it

  50. Nick DiVito

    Nick DiVito

    10 dager siden

    Is there Karen Porn yet? it is gonna happen

  51. Androgynous Maggot

    Androgynous Maggot

    10 dager siden

    Half of those Karen videos are fake!

  52. Kris Marshall

    Kris Marshall

    10 dager siden

    My asshole dried up at the 2nd hand cringe of that 2nd video...

  53. Josephi Krakowski

    Josephi Krakowski

    10 dager siden

    It’s genuinely dangerous to fake a racist encounter, when racial tension is extremely high already.

  54. Fiendbean17


    10 dager siden

    And who the fk says “I’m the Pizza Man” anyway. Their acting is worse than Beer Stevens without his rice bowl.

  55. Fiendbean17


    10 dager siden

    More fabricated racism videos. God bless you Charlie for calling out these amateurs. The socialists are getting desperate.

  56. AnarchistZ


    10 dager siden

    oh yeah i remember the first vid 💀

  57. Ricardo Pesenti

    Ricardo Pesenti

    10 dager siden

    You are absolutely right... Bad acting and them avoiding anything which will get you demonetized.... And the first one instantly had pepper spray handy, as the second one with a huge bottle of soda... Just bad... But people watch and like it...

  58. Phil


    10 dager siden

    "she thinks he's lying" - yeah, because he is lying. he has an empty pizza bag. i'd kick him out of my apartment development too.

  59. Great Hound II

    Great Hound II

    10 dager siden

    If NOnet could let me use gifs I'd put Broly running screaming “STOP CHASING ME!”

  60. Cordobez Everdeen

    Cordobez Everdeen

    10 dager siden

    Why the security guy has a mask BELOW his nose...

  61. Toed


    10 dager siden

    Nice Jesus poster



    11 dager siden

    Another little detail that these guys missed: The karens victim is annoyed & angry instantly. Usually during a true Karen encounter, there's a beautiful moment at the beginning where the victim is confused and almost thinks its a joke at 1st. For a brief moment, the victims social reality is broken which results in a very powerful moment between victim & karen. That, I feel, is a crucial element in a true karen situation & one that should NEVER be overbooked.

  63. xzombielar


    11 dager siden

    I was waiting for the second Karen skit to lead into a porn scene. Thought the 'security dude' and 'pizza' guy were going for the double team. Its a classic format.

  64. Common Sense

    Common Sense

    11 dager siden

    i think he was moving further in on the pizza delivery one lying its still fake but thats 1 thing in its favour

  65. Tnd pilyta

    Tnd pilyta

    11 dager siden

    Too much fakeness in this world 🙏🙏🙏

  66. Majin


    11 dager siden

    Fake Karen sounds Like a new form

  67. Kine AG Hoff

    Kine AG Hoff

    11 dager siden

    The soda was just stupid. What do you think of the UK KAREN that take the workers ladder on a Sunday morning?

  68. R Bee

    R Bee

    11 dager siden

    Karen-chan pretty cute...😏. But yeah...the fake shit is lame. Just hurts the people that actually go through this shit. The first tip off btw was her terrible blonde wig.

  69. Parmesan Glitter

    Parmesan Glitter

    11 dager siden

    I wished the second one was real just cause of the orange soda

  70. Scott aye

    Scott aye

    11 dager siden

    Hahah that 2nd video was so staged.

  71. Sans


    11 dager siden

    Charlie is slowly starting to realize more and more of his viewers are literally 9 not a large majority just a big enough part to make enough noise

  72. Daniel M.

    Daniel M.

    11 dager siden

    Why would someone want to fake being a Karen? Only a Karen would do that.

  73. King Of Evil Ganondorf Dragmire

    King Of Evil Ganondorf Dragmire

    11 dager siden

    I can act better then those Karen's and I'm not even an actor

  74. Mimi Stardust

    Mimi Stardust

    11 dager siden

    Ngl, the "you killed me" had me rollin 😂😭 I could really see a Karen screaming that out after someone lightly touches them.

  75. Pheonix Gaming

    Pheonix Gaming

    11 dager siden


  76. Julian Otalvaro

    Julian Otalvaro

    11 dager siden

    the orange soda karen video feels like a crappy skit to start off a porno

  77. Pseudo Maxwell

    Pseudo Maxwell

    11 dager siden

    How could they

  78. John Karavitis

    John Karavitis

    11 dager siden

    In truth, fake Karen behavior is in fact a subtle form of real Karen behavior. To even contemplate fake Karen is grounded in real Karen philosophy.

  79. [Jac̡҉k̕_ W҉̛̕o͞od̀́͞s̢͞]

    [Jac̡҉k̕_ W҉̛̕o͞od̀́͞s̢͞]

    11 dager siden

    No karen just goes AAAGH YOU KILLED ME, at most they go on their phone like "Ma'am! ma'am! he's running me over! Mike! Mike! Mike!" And nobody recording a Karen just goes maaan that lady is crazy, you are crazy damn that lady is crazy yo guys she crazy ain't she crazy? They most likely just laugh and record hoping they keep going and only talk if they're part of the conversation

  80. PoJwa


    12 dager siden

    comings and goings boys

  81. Sheraz No Kyojin

    Sheraz No Kyojin

    12 dager siden

    TikTok ruining evens Karens. It truly is the most cursed app

  82. Raof Abdullah

    Raof Abdullah

    12 dager siden

    Being a Karen or a Fake Karen one will end up in a disaster. But being a real one makes you go out with a bang...so

  83. Marinauder


    12 dager siden

    PG-13 Karen experience

  84. Fmllisa


    12 dager siden

    Bruh. Can someone legit help me find this one Karen video he made of some woman crying in like, aisle number 9 because she was told to wear a mask and the cashier walked away I need help 😭😭 km going insane, ik that wasn't a fever dream

    • Alex


      5 dager siden

      it's been 6 days but if you still need it I'll tell you lol

  85. Savannah Huso

    Savannah Huso

    12 dager siden

    Dude, you don't think Karen's have soda up their ass?

  86. Zam Maniyar

    Zam Maniyar

    12 dager siden

    It fake when Karen says 'excuse me'

  87. Abe Amius

    Abe Amius

    12 dager siden

    I like how the title is so straight forward 😂

  88. Luna


    12 dager siden

    I always love the thumbnail pics

  89. 🥣cerealpeer


    12 dager siden

    fuck karen videoes whhaht?

    • 🥣cerealpeer


      12 dager siden

      pizza salts

    • 🥣cerealpeer


      12 dager siden

      her names not karen

  90. Shadow45p


    12 dager siden

    5:57 SUS!!!!!!!! 😯😯😯😯⭕⭕⭕⭕

  91. Wahid Ahmed

    Wahid Ahmed

    12 dager siden

    “Not gonna lie, he had me in the first half”

  92. Liam Wallace Harper

    Liam Wallace Harper

    12 dager siden

    Second lady is Karem

  93. Uranium Jakkaboy

    Uranium Jakkaboy

    12 dager siden

    The end of the first was reason my suspicions were confirmed that it was fake. It was just so cheesy and unrealistic. They pushed the ridicules limits way too far.

  94. Justin Cruz

    Justin Cruz

    12 dager siden

    Enjoy the Karen meme funeral.

  95. LeMonBrain


    12 dager siden

    Plot Twist: All the karens are real and they have gotten intelligent enough to make us believe us they are fake

  96. Taylor Brown

    Taylor Brown

    12 dager siden

    I literally saw the first 2 yesterday and I said.. "Here we go..." 🤦‍♂️

  97. Infected Energy

    Infected Energy

    12 dager siden

    Wow Charlie is really passionate about this

  98. WeedLion


    12 dager siden

    Yes youtube Father, i will listen to you!

  99. Dummy Dummy

    Dummy Dummy

    12 dager siden

    *I feel like Charlie’s favorite words are heathen, insufferable, pagan, and deplorable.*

  100. FuzzMustard


    12 dager siden

    As a pizza delivery guy who has worked for each of the big 3 companies, none will allow you to put more than 1 order per bag. Could be a mom and pop shop though.

    • Alex


      5 dager siden

      aww this is a cute comment