3 Years In Jail for Tik Tok Prank

This is the greatest tik tok prank of All Time
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  1. sphions


    3 timer siden

    dont get me wrong, what this guy did was stupid as fuck and he deserves some legal recourse, but 3 years?? thats insanely harsh. a hefty fucking fine and a month or two would be within reason.

  2. Andrew Gross

    Andrew Gross

    4 timer siden

    this guy def writes the best essays.....

  3. SleepyDruid


    5 timer siden

    I mean he achieved his goal. He went viral. But if i would have been that conductor this would have ended diffrently.

  4. Kendrick Chu

    Kendrick Chu

    8 timer siden

    Prank is supposed to be lighthearted and funny. This is neither.

  5. Steamy Ray Vaughn

    Steamy Ray Vaughn

    10 timer siden

    "Theeese two goofy goobers". Man did you hit the nail on the head.

  6. Charlie Fox

    Charlie Fox

    11 timer siden

    Sad part is if these kids were wealthy they wouldn't be in Prison. Justice for the rich

  7. amidoinitright


    12 timer siden

    This was almost a live leak video.

  8. Flakes


    14 timer siden

    I wish the rest of the world would follow Morocco's example

  9. Anthony G

    Anthony G

    16 timer siden

    thats it only 3 years?

  10. EventHorizonSingularityIsReal


    19 timer siden

    They got combined 7 years, but they'll have to spend the rest of their lives in the tool box.

  11. bully ot

    bully ot

    19 timer siden

    damn we made it



    19 timer siden


  13. CrazyLegsMcGee


    19 timer siden

    Should jail him for 10 years then at year 9 let him out and say "its just a prank bro" lol

  14. CanadianMagyar


    20 timer siden

    Nobody got off the train and smashed him out of the way ??

  15. Blueloveswolves


    Dag siden

    I wouldn’t throw 3 years of my life for a few views screw that

  16. Truss Blink

    Truss Blink

    Dag siden

    One tik tok user down

  17. Brandin wickens

    Brandin wickens

    Dag siden

    wow them dudes right there r they even crazy lol

  18. JunaZard Abd

    JunaZard Abd

    Dag siden

    man, I wish the brake failed when that tiktoker sit on the chair in front of the train

  19. Grammar Splaining

    Grammar Splaining

    Dag siden

    Plus jail in Morocco is extra comfy.

  20. Sabastian Anugraha

    Sabastian Anugraha

    Dag siden

    in indonesia, there was a tiktok prankster that doing the same thing with speeding truck... well one of them is dead, the other bust his nut

  21. Slaze


    Dag siden

    Soon his prison mates will be running a train on him

  22. JACOB


    Dag siden

    This dude needs to watch final destination, all the parts , yes the ones that suck too .

  23. Sparrow Hawk

    Sparrow Hawk

    Dag siden

    South park warned us.

  24. Chaos447


    Dag siden

    South Park 10 years in the future once again

  25. Memey Junior

    Memey Junior

    Dag siden

    The start sounded like a psa video to being peer pressured

  26. ME


    Dag siden

    This is huge

  27. Khyat Mutneja

    Khyat Mutneja

    Dag siden

    Man saying backward evolution is going to happen when he looks like Jesus

  28. Ishaan Khandelwal

    Ishaan Khandelwal

    Dag siden


  29. Jack Diamond

    Jack Diamond

    Dag siden

    No one should get a sentence like that, what an idiotic system of justice. Don’t care if what they did was wrong the punishment doesn’t fit the crime

  30. Harlan Stewart

    Harlan Stewart

    Dag siden

    Trolley problem meme reference and Fermi paradox/great filter in the same video, nice

  31. Wade Costello

    Wade Costello

    Dag siden

    Now do it in front of a freight train.

  32. David Rojas

    David Rojas

    Dag siden

    This is super fucked up. They deserve community service. Making people 5 minutes late is not worth going to prison for 3 years

  33. Ryan Parker

    Ryan Parker

    Dag siden

    Tik Tok cant fix your colon from all the prison love thrown at it.

  34. elvis roose

    elvis roose

    Dag siden

    i would drive over :I xD

  35. Braden Best

    Braden Best

    Dag siden

    So did the conductor get out of the train and beat the shit out of him?

  36. Perunajumala


    Dag siden

    5:24 It's a tram, that's why it goes choo choo and not nyoom nyoom

  37. NCR Ranger

    NCR Ranger

    Dag siden

    That dude is beyond lucky that wasn't a freight train. His video would have become a snuff video.

  38. Existenshall


    Dag siden

    bad take, this is an incredibly harsh sentence

  39. daisy


    2 dager siden

    All fun and games untill that train runs over that guy

  40. Roger Dalzell

    Roger Dalzell

    2 dager siden

    que joker "you get what you fucking deserve"

  41. Mariusz Sukiennik

    Mariusz Sukiennik

    2 dager siden

    Cannot tell if you are sarcastic or not... and why was this video recommended to me... anyway I see no reason why a camera person would get 2 years. Tik tok is just a chinese mine and nothing more....

  42. Pimp Peter

    Pimp Peter

    2 dager siden

    the tiktok epidemic in morocco is scary

  43. Samy Charradi

    Samy Charradi

    2 dager siden

    As a Moroccan, let me say...yep sounds about right.

  44. Kristaps Jankovskis

    Kristaps Jankovskis

    2 dager siden

    Saw Tik Tok and 3 year in jail... was clicking so fast to hear... about what he will be talking. :D Justice!!!! Love to see these kind of things... these Tik Tok users are retards.

  45. Hayden Yeoh

    Hayden Yeoh

    2 dager siden

    Lesson learnt: never slap Charlie’s mother

  46. Adam S

    Adam S

    2 dager siden

    Lol. They don't deserve more than a month in prison 🙄

  47. Rachid Zaariou

    Rachid Zaariou

    2 dager siden

    in Casablanca that is a tramway that is moving in between the neighborhoods of the city so it has a lots of stops almost a stop in every 3 km ( about 2 miles) so that's why it is not moving crazy fast. If it was a TGV that man is gonna be obliterated. I am surprised that douchebag's video made out and got fame outside of Morocco

  48. Leo Le Taro

    Leo Le Taro

    2 dager siden

    That's what you get for using TikTok

  49. Beren Scott

    Beren Scott

    2 dager siden

    Dude, 100% you emergency brake a tram, people are going flying in that shit. I reckon there is more to the story. Like injuries to passengers. Light rail trams are notorious for causing braking injuries.

  50. A. Nabih

    A. Nabih

    2 dager siden

    If that happened in US he would walk out of it

  51. Oregon Railfan

    Oregon Railfan

    2 dager siden

    Imagine if they tried this with a 10,000 ton freight train they’d be reduced to a pile of burning flesh seriously though the amount of people who honk trains can stop quickly are just begging to be run over it’s the Darwin effect

    • Oregon Railfan

      Oregon Railfan

      Dag siden

      @Will Wallace it’s called ballast

  52. Oregon Railfan

    Oregon Railfan

    2 dager siden

    People it is a streetcar not a tram also the engineer drives not the conductor

  53. fuckyoutubepolicy staff

    fuckyoutubepolicy staff

    2 dager siden

    This shit came from China. Alotta bad stuff is happening there, like the genocide in Xinjiang or constantly threatening Taiwan with invasion

  54. Bobby Hill's Thigh Burns

    Bobby Hill's Thigh Burns

    2 dager siden

    He never smoked before that prank either, but now he’s hooked

  55. Hiro Pisku

    Hiro Pisku

    2 dager siden

    People like this is why we have the Darwin awards.

  56. YFbreezy


    2 dager siden

    sad part is papa jesus probably got more views just callin them idiots than the idiots who went to jail for views

  57. Boost ,

    Boost ,

    2 dager siden

    hope he gets owned in prison

  58. Lee Softpaw

    Lee Softpaw

    2 dager siden

    That Conductor had some really good control to stop where he did though

  59. FAnC Wings

    FAnC Wings

    2 dager siden

    Should have got more time

  60. #86ed live

    #86ed live

    2 dager siden

    Still dont understand why people watch your videos your not funny at all.

  61. Zl Yasser

    Zl Yasser

    2 dager siden

    this happened in casablanca which is a city located in morocco, i was literally thee where it happened btw dat snot a train, we caall it tramway, its like an underground metro but on ground

    • Oregon Railfan

      Oregon Railfan

      2 dager siden

      Your English is horrible

  62. Julian


    2 dager siden

    Someone Is Going To Do Terrorism Just For Only A Few Tik Tok Likes

  63. The Recycle

    The Recycle

    2 dager siden

    Hit like if you're Moroccan

  64. juba gamer

    juba gamer

    2 dager siden

    I am from Morocco this dumbass was going to jail for 10 years but he was lucky so he will just spend 3 years going to jail in morocco is death sentence no school or job will accept him after he will be released so he have no life anymore

  65. Wompa Stompa

    Wompa Stompa

    2 dager siden

    They couldn't even do anything funny with it? Just some chode sitting at a desk, that's all. Back in my day, people used to dress up as the Fellowship of the Ring and treat trains like balrogs.

  66. Roman Bellic

    Roman Bellic

    2 dager siden

    Morroco for ever

  67. olfan92


    2 dager siden

    3:04 clip it

  68. pinauto maat

    pinauto maat

    2 dager siden

    3 years is way to much tbh..

  69. Tomás


    2 dager siden

    Is that sentence effective?? Or are they in probation or something like that?

  70. Rkane Gaming

    Rkane Gaming

    3 dager siden

    3:56 Charlie the pop and locker

  71. Rkane Gaming

    Rkane Gaming

    3 dager siden

    Imagine you're gonna be late and the train stops just for this stupid guy😂😂 you'll probably strangle that guy😂

  72. cablecow15


    3 dager siden

    These people are the scum of the earth

  73. Megan Coffee

    Megan Coffee

    3 dager siden

    I miss vine :(

  74. Abhinand Hari

    Abhinand Hari

    3 dager siden

    Uk, if this was done Indian tik tok style, they wouldn't be facing prison time

  75. Hen Alens Unite

    Hen Alens Unite

    3 dager siden

    I finally setup my account. My account... It's empty... Subscribe.... Go subscribe to Hen Alens Unite because he needs love.

  76. oddlyexist


    3 dager siden

    A better punishment is him getting run over

  77. Mark Wheeler

    Mark Wheeler

    3 dager siden

    Go on train tank straight ahead don’t stop I was thinking

  78. Chris


    3 dager siden

    He’s getting bent over and called Chardonnay in a prison cell nowadays

  79. KeroClow


    3 dager siden

    Their tick toks aint going to be an anime no more lol

  80. Anthony Wootton

    Anthony Wootton

    3 dager siden

    The only people who thumbs down this video needs to re-think their life 😏

  81. Maxine Jyellee

    Maxine Jyellee

    3 dager siden

    I like how the dude driving the train was strong enough not to crash the dude blocking him. He's the reason this video was shown online.

  82. Ian Random

    Ian Random

    3 dager siden

    I didn't think anyone was that stupid to do it for real. I thought they shot the train and person separately, then combined them.

  83. Physicist for Life

    Physicist for Life

    3 dager siden

    This looks contrived. What are the odds that the tram just manages to stop an inch or so from him? I guess there are a couple of news articles that make it legit? And/or perhaps since they were the only videographers on scene they doctored it to look closer than it was? Seems sketch though.

    • Oregon Railfan

      Oregon Railfan

      2 dager siden

      You’re a crackpot do you know how long it takes a train to stop even light rail trains can’t stop quickly

  84. legit booty29

    legit booty29

    3 dager siden

    imagine when you have to put on your resume you are a convicted criminal and then when they asked why you pop out this baller 5 second video

  85. Vortex 88

    Vortex 88

    3 dager siden

    Classic attention seeking Tiktokers.

  86. Anwar Ziani

    Anwar Ziani

    3 dager siden

    😂😂 M9wda 3lihom

  87. Emanuel Lopez

    Emanuel Lopez

    3 dager siden

    "Jail for tiktok" music for my ears.

  88. Mr.Pogger c:

    Mr.Pogger c:

    3 dager siden

    0:04 yo buddy where does your mother live?

  89. gus051


    3 dager siden


  90. 64 Abhishek Nair

    64 Abhishek Nair

    3 dager siden

    So glad tiktok is banned in INDIA 😌❤️

  91. Praneet-P


    4 dager siden

    "Humans are evolving, just backwards" at its finest.

    • Khyat Mutneja

      Khyat Mutneja

      Dag siden

      Man you looked at Charlie he already done that man looks like Jesus from Bcy

  92. STM


    4 dager siden

    Tik Tok was given to us by the Mass Effect Reapers as mercy so they wouldn't have to exterminate us because we would end up doing it to ourselves.

  93. Ian Visser

    Ian Visser

    4 dager siden

    If he tried it in Japan, they'd probs have executed him...

  94. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson

    4 dager siden

    I seriously ponder what people like this watch in terms of movies or TV shows. Like, where did they develop their sense of "humor" where doing middle school pranks is hilarious to them. Is it brain damage? Fetal alcohol syndrome?

  95. Boopity-Bop


    4 dager siden

    Can you cut your hair pls

  96. Ryan Jolly

    Ryan Jolly

    4 dager siden

    That's too long tho

  97. 💴 blobbo 💷

    💴 blobbo 💷

    4 dager siden

    honestly if they ran him over i would be happy for his family

  98. ZopyrionRex


    4 dager siden

    "Goofy Goobers" very apt description.