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  1. Aixs


    16 timer siden

    I found my editor on fiverr and hes done an awesome job and now almost all my vids are buy him. Fiverr is awesome. Id recommend it to anyone.

  2. LawLife446


    16 timer siden


  3. Cold_pizzarolls


    16 timer siden

    Charlie is the only person who I'd actually watch his sponsorship

  4. Kanye East

    Kanye East

    16 timer siden

    Get Michael Reeves

  5. Heather Noji

    Heather Noji

    16 timer siden

    Penguinz is the Halo champion of the whole entire world!!! Thats so rightous though^^🐧💫

  6. Miles _16

    Miles _16

    16 timer siden

    Charlie you and your crew are going down in history, this is a master piece I can't wait for your comics to release so I can finally lose my comic book virginity

  7. Emeric Jalbert

    Emeric Jalbert

    16 timer siden

    Charlie: i haven’t seen people doing fiver video with music artists Davie504: let me introduce myself

  8. The Meme Professor

    The Meme Professor

    16 timer siden

    We found Charlie's brother Now we need to confirm that Andrew WK is Charlie's real father

  9. Dreana Mickens

    Dreana Mickens

    16 timer siden

    I thought the title said fiverr magicians.



    16 timer siden

    $150 outro song

  11. Dominik J M

    Dominik J M

    16 timer siden

    Happy birthday Charlie!

  12. GalaGuy


    16 timer siden

    4:20 That's the type of song to be played at a indoor skatepark.

  13. The Last Stylebender

    The Last Stylebender

    16 timer siden

    This music sounds garbage

  14. captain saveahoe

    captain saveahoe

    16 timer siden

    Everyone: *starts sweating and dreading the worst* Me, a Chad gamepass user: haha you paid $60

  15. Mr llamaton

    Mr llamaton

    16 timer siden

    Does work on foxes?

  16. kyz


    16 timer siden

    *_Nothing is stronger than family_*

  17. Notknot


    16 timer siden

    Can't wait for the animated series

  18. maskedcrow


    16 timer siden

    Are you tom hanks?

  19. Laura Phipps

    Laura Phipps

    16 timer siden

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  20. TheConfusedEra


    16 timer siden

    I watched the movie today and honestly it wasn't that bad. There was nothing too much wrong with it. It had a lot of references I liked. But it's a kids film and easily better then the first Space Jam so eh.

  21. imagination


    16 timer siden

    u should check out someone named charles berthoud on youtube

  22. popcorndinosaur123


    16 timer siden

    Take them all and mix them all together and make one organism master piece

  23. greyfacedman ishere

    greyfacedman ishere

    16 timer siden

    remember when charlie didnt show his face yet? I remember him talking about how he was in the darkest point in his life and his girlfriend had been cheating and what not. this man came far

  24. gfrtjhnj


    16 timer siden

    the youtube algorithm is stupid. why didnt this show up the first time i entered youtube?

  25. Apple Pie With Vanilla Ice-cream

    Apple Pie With Vanilla Ice-cream

    16 timer siden

    Honestly they got worse the higher up you went, the second one was a fucking banger tho

  26. Pep Sicola

    Pep Sicola

    16 timer siden

    $25 the wave holy moly lol

  27. Thabo Sibiya

    Thabo Sibiya

    16 timer siden

    "Penetration, Great camera angle" 🤣🤣 I'm dead

  28. Änäs Products

    Änäs Products

    16 timer siden

    Man I would like to buy one but shipping to Germany costs 15 bucks 🙃

  29. Marcus Gabriel

    Marcus Gabriel

    16 timer siden

    The 2nd and 3rd tracks are absolute bangers

  30. linkshellvendor


    16 timer siden

    *Jar Jar Binks guy will remember this*

  31. nutted


    16 timer siden

    more god slap content

  32. Michael Lucas

    Michael Lucas

    16 timer siden

    Fiver has serious talent

  33. Kris Bailey

    Kris Bailey

    16 timer siden

    Fiverr is freaking great. It's kinda nuts the quality you can get from sellers on there for so cheap

  34. Vihaan Kanchana

    Vihaan Kanchana

    16 timer siden


  35. Sheen


    16 timer siden

    If GODSLAP gets an anime, you guys gotta have a metal/cyberpunk ost, shit fits right in.

  36. Spartan2818


    16 timer siden

    That 65$ one was crazy

  37. Beqa Kapanadze

    Beqa Kapanadze

    16 timer siden

    Davie504 entered the chat.

  38. Draggo


    16 timer siden


  39. Birb


    16 timer siden

    Raul Alvarez Dark Techno Cyberpunk style absolutely blew me away, really hope it wins.

  40. Draggo


    16 timer siden


  41. King Swipe

    King Swipe

    16 timer siden

    The dude for $10 slapped holy shmow

  42. blazedxjan


    16 timer siden

    These artist are amazing. Shout out to Charlie for the exposure. A true King.

  43. Luis Gonzalez

    Luis Gonzalez

    16 timer siden

    I need this as a playlist lol

  44. DrippyEyez


    16 timer siden

    You haven’t seen fiverr be used for anything music for content? Like… have you never even accidentally gone over to the music side of NOnet? So much great music/fiverr content by ppl who are incredible musicians themselves like Charles Bethound (he plays slap bass like crazy good), davie 504 (another bass player with insane skill), Herman lee from dragon force, 2 set violin, Charles Cornell (jazz piano)… There is more, I want more but I’m just I’m blanking out on their names. Also check out: Ichika Nito, he’s one of the best guitarists on the face of the planet doing this insane math/jazz metal. Like. Jesus Christ. He’s done a couple collabs with Tim Henson from Polyphia and they’re heavenly.

  45. Casper Larsson

    Casper Larsson

    16 timer siden

    congratulations! hope you have a great birthday. also alright video.

  46. executionParty


    16 timer siden

    Yooo the 10 dollar song was hella good and I feel like it's underrated

  47. avocadont


    16 timer siden

    I went to music school and everyone desires to be at the level of an average fiverr musician.

  48. DNNY


    16 timer siden

    5:10 that slap at the beginning 😂

  49. HorseFrom Horsin'Around

    HorseFrom Horsin'Around

    16 timer siden

    Actually really liked Raul Alvarez song. Some ghostrunner type shit

  50. DoleBoi


    16 timer siden

    Fuck you charlie, how dare you not have the exact same opinions and experiences that I do.

  51. Kenneth Cooper

    Kenneth Cooper

    16 timer siden

    Dude tbh they were all bangerssss

  52. SmollieXD


    16 timer siden

    Charles and Charles CUH

  53. Tyler Thederahn

    Tyler Thederahn

    16 timer siden

    Track number, when the high synth came in, I got mad X-Files theme song vibes

  54. R0BB


    16 timer siden

    AD!!!! Edit: oops nevermind

  55. interrupts165


    16 timer siden

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  56. Chant Webb

    Chant Webb

    16 timer siden

    I've seen this before but still interesting

  57. Kai


    16 timer siden

    The fist was a cartoon The second was heavy metal The third was cyberpunk The fourth a video games track or early 2000's anime

  58. Dave Lambert

    Dave Lambert

    16 timer siden

    $25 guy was AMAZING, the production and mixing were also *Really* high, didn't expect that. The $90 guy made a good song, agree with charlie on the fact that it's more of a soundrack than of an intro; his production was decent bus honestly a bit low for the price, considering what we got with only $25. The $150 guy was really disappointing for me tbh, didn't like it.



    16 timer siden


  60. Noah Witkowski

    Noah Witkowski

    16 timer siden

    I came for the bicep, but stayed for the pull

  61. Big mac Daddy

    Big mac Daddy

    16 timer siden

    I really really like all of them

  62. william santos

    william santos

    16 timer siden

    Second one could be a dmc Battle theme

  63. tmosh55


    16 timer siden

    Damn there’s some amazing amateur musicians out there. I really loved the first two tracks

  64. Docerdoc


    16 timer siden

    Lyrics of the last one on track 3 would be lit

  65. samrabon


    16 timer siden

    How the last one Sing while he beatbox

  66. Jack Mendoza

    Jack Mendoza

    16 timer siden

    Why does the game look gross just me?

  67. quickstrr


    16 timer siden

    Personally I feel that 3 is the best for an intro.

  68. Its A Laugh

    Its A Laugh

    16 timer siden

    Daaamn that $65 slap sound effect one was sooo goooodddd



    16 timer siden

    There are so many bots in these comments

  70. mr doesvoices

    mr doesvoices

    16 timer siden

    Once you pick one and start editing make a epic slap noise play over everytime someone says slap

  71. Ian Visser

    Ian Visser

    16 timer siden

    25er was my fav, really creative and rock solid performance

  72. Think Before You Sleep

    Think Before You Sleep

    16 timer siden

    Hey man, I am sorry to hear you have been estranged from your brother for so many years. Though I am glad that you two have been able to reconnect.

  73. shadowsintox9


    16 timer siden

    Theres a youtuber who's done this idea before, hes pretty cool. Davy something cant remember the last part of the name

  74. Gumi


    16 timer siden

    The second one was good as fuck

  75. Captain Tacos

    Captain Tacos

    16 timer siden

    I feel like he learned this from a flirting for dummies book

  76. Keiley Dixon

    Keiley Dixon

    16 timer siden

    #3 was really good

  77. TheBulitt


    16 timer siden

    That 3rd song I felt like I was teleported back to 1997 playing Quake

  78. Water Bottle

    Water Bottle

    16 timer siden

    6:47 that's basically just To End The Rapture by Avenged Sevenfold

  79. Riley Mercera

    Riley Mercera

    16 timer siden

    Somehow they made the protestors the second biggest clowns

  80. Imperium


    16 timer siden

    we gonna get the $25 release as a full version? like dear god that shit was amazing